Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bits & Pieces

(aka my random post about the latest)

Altadena, CA
Good ol' Altadena. Check Cashing Stand Ice Cream Milk Chips Money Orders. I love our town. Speaking of our town, Paco, the robber chaser dog around the corner from us went viral this week.

Yogurt Pie
I love Green Kitchen Stories. I noticed I had all the ingredients for their yogurt pie so I whipped it up the other night. It is so good and easy. You should make it. Like, now.

Blue Ridge Campground
We've gone on a couple more camping trips since my last post. We went to Blue Ridge Campground a couple of weeks ago. It was a rough trip for JW, but he was so happy here on this stump! ... He just wasn't happy about sleeping, which made him an all around "unhappy camper." You win some, you lose some.

sleep hiker
This last weekend we camped at McGrath State Beach with some friends. Beach camping was a nice change of scenery. JW loves, loves, loves sand, but not so sure how he feels about the water since we traumatized him. Anyway, we went on a nice little hike around a nature preserve at the beach - JW was sleep hiking. Doesn't he have the BEST LIPS!?

Lastly, Justin's band played a show at Mr T's Bowl in Highland Park last week. I love them. And it's not just because I'm married to the bassist, and that I live with half the band or anything. They are just great.


Bianca said...

lovely photos. looks like good times.

Caroline said...

I love green kitchen stories as well!! And, loving your photos as usual! xo.

delirium said...

Lovely photos :)
MmmMmm that yoghurt pie sounds interesting.. gotta check it out ;)