Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boy will be boys

He loves to get dirty, how can I stop him?
I don't mind, as long as we get the pre-bedtime bath.

What's the definition of a boy?
"Boy, n.:  a noise with dirt on it."

Yeah, sounds about right.
 boys will be boys
boys will be boys

By the way, adult feet kinda gross me out, but baby feet oh god I could kiss 'em!

Top photo was from a camping trip last weekend.
Bottom photo was in our backyard.


Anita said...

I was a little bit of a tomboy myself and used to drive my mom crazy with how dirty I got. Love the photos!

Sis said...

I remember those days when my kids feet were dirty like that! I sure miss them now!

(psst - girls will 'be boys' as well, sometimes! LOL)

Amanda Mae said...

Anita & Sis - You're both right!!

I was this dirty when I was a kid too!! Such a tomboy... Girls will "be boys!" ... My feet still get that dirty because I hardly ever wear shoes!

ALFIE said...

oh those are most assuredly the most kissable little hands & feet :)

kim said...

Right with you - I've got myself a little bit of a baby foot obsession myself. -i'ts the big toe that gets me, I've got a 8 month old lil guy that gets me chomping on his feet all day.