I love being a part of different projects. Here are a few that I have had the privilege of being a part of:

The women of Boniful
My friend Annika is the creative owner of DeMilo Designs. She purchases a lot of her paper from fair-trade artisans in Bangladesh, and she invited me along on a trip there to meet her artisans! This project was surreal, I couldn't believe it when she invited Justin and me to join her and Ty! Bangladesh is a beautiful, crazy, crowded country, and we loved every minute of being there. Here are some photos from DhakaBarisol {1}, Barisol {2}, Muktagacha, and some photos around Dhaka during EID.

My friend Jeremy is the producer and director of a great documentary called DIVE (watch trailer here). He has had great success with this movie at many film festivals. What I love is that this movie isn't simply about dumpster diving, it's about food waste! There are hungry people in America and Jeremy explores where a good percentage of our food is going, THE TRASH! I also love that this movie stars all my friends :) I got to take some photos for the cover/insides for this movie. I posted a little bit about it here.

Salvation Mountain
A little film about Salvation Mountain and Leonard is in the works. I need to get on the ball and start editing some photos! Posts here, here, here, and here (That last one includes creepy desert story). And here is a special clip of Leonard singing a song for us.

And then there is always food here.

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