Thursday, November 26, 2009

Barisol {2}

The second day in Barisol we visited two more projects: Keya Palm and Biborton Paper. These women are very skilled, its so impressive to watch them work. And once again, they were pleading for orders. I didn't come with the intention to help them find jobs, but now I want to do what I can for them - so, if you or anyone you know is interested in ordering fair trade products...

Greeted with Flowers
Greeted with Flowers
Greeted with Flowers
The women of Keya Palm
New products from Keya
Annika and the Keya women
Preparing the jute
Biborton - making recyled gift bags
Screen printing
block print
making paper
drying paper
stiring the pulp

Annika posted about this day on her blog too.


hannah | honey & jam said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful, the colors just pop off the screen.

What an amazing trip your on! I can't wait to hear more. : )

Jamie said...

So so beautiful.