Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another weekend in the desert

This last weekend we camped at Slab City and worked with Leonard Knight at Salvation Mountain. To tell you the truth, I wasn't looking forward to this trip. It was our 3rd time there in 2 months, and I expected it to be HOT. But the weekend exceeded my expectations. Not only were we with some great people, but Slab City is great. We met so many wonderful people, we got to help out Leonard with the mountain, we got to go to the Saturday night talent show at the Range, which.was.amazing. Our friends, Jubilee Singers, played at the Range, some people joined them on stage, others danced up front. It was straight out of a dream. It made me so happy to be there.

On top of that we finally got to see the Mud Pots. We unsuccessfully tried to go our first trip but got lost then gave up. It was worth the search, it is so neat. There are several areas of boiling mud, slurping and bubbling up. We stayed for a while just to watch the mud pop.

The guys got to spend a lot of time with Leonard. They even got to go to the hot springs with him, which I am VERY jealous of. That is one thing that I need to do next time we go.

Overall it was an enjoyable weekend - refreshing and tiring, exhausting and dirty, but fun and exciting. There's talk of another trip... even in the extreme heat. We'll see about that...

1)The Range 2) The Chain Gang chipping away at the adobe
3) A self portrait inside Salvation Mountain 4) buckets of paint at SM
5) the mud pots salt bed 6) mud pots
7) The floor at the mud pots 8) j&a at the mud pots


Anna Allen said...

oh wow...this sounds fabulous! especially the night of singing and dancing.

Cafe Pasadena said...

I thought your blog roll include one called, The Secret is Morphine!