Monday, April 20, 2009

Weddings and such

I have been silent. There has been a lot going on, some good, some bad. Sometimes the bad weighs so heavy that I feel strange posting and pretending everything is good, so I choose silence. The bad, or sad, is that my aunt is in the hospital with 3 malignant brain tumors - it was very sudden. That sort of news is shocking, deafening, silencing. Right now she is recovering from the brain surgery and we are hopeful - awaiting a miracle.

On the happy, lighter side some close friends, Jen & Charles, were married on April 10th. It was such a beautiful, simple, intimate wedding. I was luckily enough to photographer their big day. Here are some shots, I will likely post more later:

Aren't they a GOOD LOOKING couple!


Blair said...

Oh, they are! Love that last solo picture of her. Beautiful photos.

nuf said...

amanda! you've done it! those are beautiful.

sonrie said...

praying for your aunt and family; and admiring the astoundingly happy looking couple. all the best for them.