Friday, July 1, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Dinner is a beautiful thing: okra, sweet potatoes, green soup, homemade biscuits, red rice and avocado. I love what happens when I don't have anything in particular to make for dinner and we end up eating a hodgepodge of things, it's my favorite. And the Red Racer beer is a bonus!

Carrot Beet Juice
We've been on a juice kick! This is Carrots, cucumbers and BEETS... another food work of art.

Chilao Valley
View from Chilao Campground in the Angeles National Forest. We've been doing lots of camping recently... we have a little project we are working on, hope to share more about that soon!

Papa and JW in Chilao Campground
JW and Justin waving,  Chilao campground.

Mama and JW in Mt Baldy
Little JW and me near Mt. Baldy, Ca - we went camping at Manker Flats the weekend after Chilao.

Papa and JW blowing bubbles in the tent
JW and Justin having fun with bubbles in the tent, Manker Flats Campground.


Anita said...

Beautiful! What lovely looking food and gorgeous sites! Very jealous! Hope you have a great weekend!

bigBANG studio said...

I love you guys SO much.

You and hubs should write a field guide to camping with little ones, complete with all your gorgeous photos. Seriously. Pitch it to The Mountaineers Books, a FABULOUS publisher in Seattle who would eat that stuff up.

Amanda Mae said...

Mrs bigBANG! WOW!! wouldn't that be SO EXCITING! That would be a dream of ours to be able to write a book about camping... man o man. We do have a small project we are working on ourselves... a little camping blog. We are in the process of gettin' her going. Too bad you don't live in Jtree anymore! That is definitely on our list!

Julie said...

My favorite meal is a thrown together one as well-they always end up being surprisingly good. I have been dying to go camping lately-this pics have made it official that I HAVE to go!

Madeline said...

I agree with the Mountaineers Books idea :)
Fun the randomness. And hodgepodge meals are MY FAVORITE. Especially when you photograph them well...all the better :)

ALFIE said...

oh amanda---that plate looks incredible! i would love the recipe for that juice!!! please let me know what you did--- it looks incredible!!

AND-- you have no idea how excited i am at the prospect of your camping blog. i've just gotten into camping this summer and have loved going through some of your posts for inspiration. as a novice-- i'm really looking forward to what you and your husband are putting together :)

Amanda Mae said...

Julie! oh yes! I hope you go camping!! :) and share about your trip!

Madeline - thanks for the encouragement! The book idea is blowing my mind!

Alfie - do you have a juicer? If so, to make the juice, first juice cucumbers, then carrots, then beets - in that order and it will create the layered effect. Easy as that! :) And thank you for the camping blog encouragement! We hope to "go live" with it soon!!

babyboybakery said...

SISTA GIRL!! when are you going to give me some of those homemade biscuits!?!?!
btw you know i love your pictures! so much so i have looked at them for almost 10 minutes straight.
i am jumping up and down with excitment because i have such a talented and beautiful friend!
ok! have a good weekend!
talk to you soon!

bigBANG studio said...


Do it. And can't wait for the camping blog in the mean time. I'm holding you to this, lady! xo

Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Hi! I just found you via Honey & Jam. I am loving your blog and I am even more in love with those plates! Oh my goodness....are they old? I am truly diggin' on those!