Saturday, July 23, 2011


I wanted to try to take photos and post them in the same day, didn't happen.
I took these photos last night, uploaded them to my computer, edited them (which meant I opened them in photoshop, adjusted some levels and re-saved them). IT TOOK MY COMPUTER AN HOUR FOR 8 PHOTOS! It is agonizingly S-L-O-W! 
So, all that to say, I took these last night and I'm posting them today  - I  wanted an excuse to bad mouth my computer. My dirty rotten computer!

These are all from our backyard, our little slice of paradise:

My dirty little boy. Yes, that's dirt in the corner of his mouth, yes his pants are wet from crawling in wet grass, YES he is FILTHY!

Plants and Self Portrait


Pipes we found while cleaning out a little shed in our yard. A BONE PIPE and a CORN COB PIPE!

dirty boy

We call this our $20 tomato. We aren't having much luck with tomatoes... I don't know what the deal is. We can't seem to grow a decent bush of tomatoes, shouldn't be that hard right?!

Something we are going to have a lot of this fall are persimmons - and I'm pretty sure they are the "good" ones... the ones you can eat like an apple. The other kind that are good for baking, I do not love!

I think we are going to have some luck with our potatoes. I am not sure when they are ready to harvest though, anyone know???


Anita said...

I love all your photos...especially the ones of that dear little boy! Dirt don't hurt or at least that's what my Memaw always told me. And how fun must that have been to have found those pipes...makes your mind wonder who left them behind. Have a great weekend!

babyboybakery said...

are you freaking kidding me?! you are so talented! i love that you just snapped these pictures and it was no big deal! i seriously CAN NOT WAIT till our family beach shoot! it is going to be amazing!
#1. JW is so cute in his little chair! Ryan is jealous Jackson's momma let him get wet and dirty! We will have to do a dirty play date soon and then hose them off! They will love it
#2. I am blessed to have you as a dear friend!
-Have fun camping this weekend! Date next week for some embossing FUN!

ALFIE said...

love your take on the ordinary.
++ your little man is so fabulously adorable!!

as for the potatoes....your plant looks great. last year i waited for the entire green plant to die and start drooping over-- then i waited about a week after that to dump my barrel.

tater success!

the longer you wait to harvest, however, the bigger your potatoes will be.

Amanda Mae said...

Anita! Dirt don't hurt! Yes! I love it! :)

Oh alfie! That's awesome thank you for the tip on the potatoes! I really had no idea!

And jacquie <3 you!!