Sunday, June 6, 2010

Road Trip at 29 weeks

And we are back!

This was our third annual road trip up north and after this year, things will change! Baby will be here and ... road trips will be forever different. So we knew this trip was sort of an "end of an era." And disappointingly... I didn't take as many photos as I'd hoped on this trip. Bad. In fact, below are pretty much the only photos I got...

We left LA last Friday and made our way up to the Mt Shasta area, then the next morning went up to Eagle Point, Oregon to meet up with our dear friends Brian & Lori Jo, then the next day up to Portland - where we spent a few days. Then back down to Talent, Oregon and then to San Fransisco to stay with Cait. Phew!

We stayed at McMenamins Edgefield near Portland again (we went last year). That place is amazing! They have a winery, distillery, gardens, a brewery, and a soaking tub. Plenty to do. GO there.

Here are the few photos I did get along the way. The first... a belly shot near Shasta - 29 weeks. Time to embrace the big belly:

29 weeks

These photos are of Sims Flat Campground near Shasta. Our plans to stay here were foiled, twice. Once by illness, then later by rain. But we stopped and wandered around for a bit.
Sims Flat Campground
Sims Flat Campground
Sims Flat Campground
Sims Flat Campground

We also got to drive through the Crater Lake area stopping at the Rouge River and Toketee Falls, which is AMAZING:
The Rouge
Toketee Falls, OR

We had a great time with our friends and are so thankful for our friendship and the many adventures we've been able to share. LOVE YOU GUYS!
Toketee Falls, OR


Caroline said...

These photos are beautiful! My husband and I are headed to Portland in July ... can't wait! Glad you had a great trip. xo

Anna Allen said...

lovely photos! sure looks like you guys had a blast! :)

Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker said...

OMG. Your photos are AMAZING. Thanks for finding us! Can't wait to read through your posts and take in more pretty pictures <3

bigBANG studio said...

You've got me SO excited to get up north- we're headed up there with our Scamp and the dogs a month from now when we take our big roadtrip east. And your belly! That wee babe is GROWING! So, so exciting!

jamie said...


so funny. i literally have a map of california up in another window, then this came up in old google reader.

we have a little time off in august and are trying to figure out where to go. we really want to camp then visit my best friend in portland, but i have been hesitant to commit to a road trip through california, since it is mostly nothing new to us. BUT we have never been to shasta or the crater lake area so, this post is giving me more hope...

not to mention 29 is my lucky number.

anyways. thanks for the push, lovely photos.

how is this for a nice long first comment? ;)