Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eagle Point

Eagle Point was our main destination, to see our dear friends Brian & Lori Jo. We love where they live, the property, the scenery, their yurt, their garden, the chickens... it's a mini paradise for us.

From top to bottom:
1) Chicks living on their porch.
2) Their garden. The section on the right was named after me, it has beets, edible flowers, and other luscious plants.
3) Part of their yard and their view. They live next door to a ranch with cows, i love it.
4) They built an awesome chicken coop, they don't mess around.
5) The chickens.
6) Justin got in the mood to weed, so he weeded their "front yard".
7) Post weeding - the front yard of their yurt.

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