Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mineral Springs

One of our first stops on our way up north, Mineral Hot Springs near Shasta. This place is magical. There is an incredible view of Mt. Shasta, you drive on narrow windy roads, through green grass pastures with cows to get there. It just feels special.
First you soak in their mineral tub which is filled with thick hot mineral water that feels gritty against the side of the tub, then you visit their 175˚ sauna for as long as you can without passing out, lastly you jump into their cold, COLD stream and feel the glorious pain of blood rushing through out your body. Then start over again. It's a shocking, wonderful experience.


Aud said...

nudey shots!!! Really, beautiful pictures Amanda.

Sprouted Kitchen said...

What a beautiful shot of your shoulder in the tub! I love that ~

Cait said...

submit that tub shot of you to something. now. its amazing.