Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I didn't get many photos of Portland. Almost all my photos are in or around our hotel. The first night we stayed in Troutdale at a McMenamins called "Edgefield." It was so-darn-cool. It's an ex-old folks home turned into an artsy hotel with a vineyard, brewery, soaking tub, garden (they use the veggies in their restaurants), and lots of cool bars. There was no need to go anywhere else.
The second night we stayed at another McMenamins in Portland called the Kennedy School - an old elementary school. They have a bar in the broiler room, and one in the "detention hall", our room was an old classroom with chalkboards. The artwork at all McMenamins is incredible. I love the details everywhere, on every wall, even the sprinkler pipes had faces painted on them.

1) Justin & I on a giant wooden bench at Edgefield.
2) Flowers in the herb garden at Edgefield.
3) Justin in the garden at Edgefield.
4) The-amazing-i-want-to-g0-back soaking tub.
5) Abel & friends at the Bodies of Water show in Portland.
guess I didn't take photos of the Kennedy School.... shoot.


ben wideman said...

I've heard glorious things about McMenamins, now I want to go even more.

Cafe Pasadena said...

bw, knowing you, you probably thinking about baseball things.

The top/1st pic of U2 is so cool I just wanna post it up on my own blog for all 2 see!!