Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bits & Pieces

{another ode to Pinterest}



Kumquat curd
What to do with a ton of Kumquats? Kumquat Curd! Then I made Kumquat Curd Cupcakes... (Say that 10 times fast)

Green Onions
IT WORKS. (regrow green onions)

JW 1

Citrus Liquer
Citrus Liqueur ... another way to use up our abundance of citrus


Caroline said...

Love all of this. I love making lemon curd so kumquat is the next step. Hope all is well. BISOUS.

bigBANG studio said...

This could be a series out of Kinfolk. Gorgeous photos, as always, lady! I'm cherishing my post cards from you, btw. xoxo

Tonia said...

Ahhhh I am so jealous of your citrus!!! Wish we could grow that here!! Beautiful.

Amanda Mae said...

Thank you Caroline, Lilly and Tonia!

Lilly - Kinfolk! Well, that's a compliment. I can totally see there being a little Kinfolk-ish gathering in our backyard. That would be dreamy!