Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bits & Pieces

(aka my random post about the latest)

 Noah and Audrey
I love this photo. I took it of the Smiths a few weeks ago in our backyard during the golden hour. I love how Abel came creeping into the photo... and how Justin and JW make an appearance in the way back

jacqui and ryan
I got to take photos of Jacqui, Dan and Ryan this last weekend in Laguna, it was a blast! I love Ryan's red hair... an older couple walking by on the beach asked me questions about Ryan like he was MY baby!

Taranutla in Blue Jay campground
We went camping again last weekend. More about it here. This creature decided to crawl through our campground... uuuccck! .... As cool as it is, no no no I do NOT like spiders. NO!

Blue Jay campground
Here is a better little detail from our camping trip. We took lots of photos of the small details in the Chaparral. We are off to go camping again tomorrow for a friend's birthday and meteor shower, hope to return with plenty of photos!


babyboybakery said...

that giant black spider is disgusting! i would have freaked and slept in the car!
that red head baby on the other hand is so cute! i would sleep in the same bed as him any day!
that picture is to die for!

christie said...

i think that photo of the Smiths may be the sweetest photo i've seen for a while.

katie @KatieDid said...

I am in love with that first photo. It almost looks like a slight fish eye angle, or just very wide. I love everything about it!