Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blue Ridge

We went camping for Cameron's (our housemate) birthday last weekend in hopes of catching a glimpse of a little meteor shower. Although the moon was too bright to see meteors good times were had. Friends + camping + food + music + trees + birds = GOOD. We wrote a tad more about it here.

Blue Ridge Campground
Casey & Justin climbing a tree... a really, really tall tree. eek.

Blue Ridge Campground
We played lots of games, like jumping off the stump! I love Casey on the side here... jumping along.

Blue Ridge Campground
Audrey gave it a shot, too!

Blue Ridge Campground
So did I... and I split my pants. Seriously. And once again.... Caesy on the side jumping along!

Blue Ridge Campground

Blue Ridge Campground

Blue Ridge Campground

Blue Ridge Campground
full moon = bright night
Blue Ridge Campground


babyboybakery said...

I laughed out loud when you said you split your pants! That picture of you is hysterical! LOVE IT!
That last picture is beautiful!!!

Jacqueline said...

What gorgeous, wondrous images. They make me smile SO big!

stace said...

What fun!! Such happy times.

katie @KatieDid said...

That last picture is breathtaking. Long exposure? And the one of the group laying on the ground in the chair lift is awesome! It looks like a little vortex. You are so talented, I love browsing through your pictures.

heather said...

looks like a lovely time was had by all. that last photo is stunning - love the colors!

bigBANG studio said...

Magical, Amanda. My heart swells just looking at how happy you guys are! Yay team camps-with-kids!