Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bits & Pieces

{The homemaker version}
with iPhone photos....

Thanks to Pinterest (and a tight budget) I've been doing lots homemade stuff around the house. I'll admit it, I think it's pretty fun - which reminds me think of this Onion article: Grueling Household Task of 19th Century Enjoyed by Suburban Woman. HA!!!!

Orange Juice
Another round of homemade bagels.
Homemade deodrant
Homemade deodrant
Homemade deodorant. The best deodorant I've ever used. 
Liquid Handsoap
Liquid Handsoap
Make a gallon of liquid hand soap from a bar of soap (thank you Pinterst). I used a bar of Bronner's. 
The best thing I've ever made.


Jacqui Marie said...

Shut up! You did not make deodorant! I love you!

kellie leigh said...

you're so talented amanda! & i agree... jackson is the BEST thing you, probably anyone, has ever made!

Aud said...

Also reminds me of this...


Comedy aside, you're my hero.

Amanda Mae said...

Thanks Jacquie, Kellie and Aud! I love you girls!

And Audrey, I'm watching that video, HILARIOUS!! I haven't seen that episode yet!!

Caroline said...

Now you have inspired me to get to making some things!!! Really best deodorant hmmm might have to try it out. Hope all is well. Bisous.

Tonia said...

Great post!!!!! Great efforts. I love that our generation is becoming more handy and doing things ourselves that we could easily buy from the store instead, but we *choose* to do it ourselves.