Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mountain Home

Mountain Home State Forest
Audrey took a similar photo - I tried to recreate it. And YES it is a far run for a timer photo! It took me a couple of tries to get it!

Mountain Home State Forest

Mountain Home State Forest

Mountain Home State Forest

Mountain Home State Forest

Mountain Home State Forest

Mountain Home State Forest
Hidden Falls is a beautiful area with picturesque swimming holes. I put my legs in, but the water is FREEZING. Next time, next time I will FORCE myself to go in.

Mountain Home State Forest
This is the best tasting water, ever. Wish we would have brought 5 gallon jugs to fill. It's magic spring water.

Yes, we just returned from the Bahamas and I have photos to share BUT the weekend before we left we went to Mountain Home State Forest and I feel inclined to share things in chronological order... that's just how my mind works. It's one of those things...

So, the weekend before the Bahamas we were in Sequoia-heaven surrounded by huge redwoods and babbling creeks. We were blackberry picking, checking out archeological sites, drinking spring water, walking through meadows, standing in trees, and soaking in cold waterfalls. We posted more photos and wrote more about it on our camping blog, here.

This is the place we attempted to go to in June, but it was snowed in and we ended up at Belknap (which is also wonderful).  But Mountain Home State Forest is a gem. I'm tempted to not share it, so it will always stay a hidden gem. BUT what we've learned that is places like this can be easily shut down with budget cuts if they aren't being used... and how can I keep this to myself?

In the last month a few of our friends also went camping up in Frazier Mills... They have amazing photos - here (Nuf's photos make me want a large family, these photos are so nostalgic and dreamy. They are a beautiful family.) and here  (these are the photos that made me drool and decide that I HAD to do anything to make it up there!)


Anita said...

I think I might be in love! What gorgeous photos( especially the doe and two fawns...omg!). Thank-you for being willing to share such a wonderful little gem.

nicole said...

Wow... that TREE! Totally reminds me of this family. hehe. xo.

katie @KatieDid said...

ahhh that shot of the natural spring is so refreshing and crisp. Magnificent photos, they make me happy :)

Aud said...

i love, love, love that 2nd picture of justin, jw, and lucky. I might photoshop you in there and frame it!

kitchu said...

seriously, what a paradise!

Kylie said...

i want to live in a tree house

Desi@ThePalatePeacemaker said...

So this is totally random, but what kind of dog do you have? He/she is absolutely adorable (as is your whole family!) :)

Amanda Mae said...

Hi Desi! our dog is some sort of terrier mix. I am not totally sure. She is a rescue dog. She is super cute! AND she has an UNDER BITE!