Thursday, September 8, 2011


    I was 21 when I got my first Passport... JW is ONE. Lucky, lucky boy.

Tonight, actually early, EARLY tomorrow morning (2:30am!), we leave for the Bahamas! My cousin Stephanie is getting married and I get to take the photos!

We've done lots of traveling, but never to a place like the Bahamas. Clear water beaches, a beautiful resort, perfect warm weather, maybe a thunder storm or two... Wow, we've got it rough.

See you when we get back!


jamie said...

also, best passport photo ever.

have fun!

Aud said...

this is officially the BEST passport photo in history.

katie @KatieDid said...

Have a great trip, I've dreamed of taking photos in the bahamas or another tropical location! Can't wait to see some of your shots :)

nicole said...

Cutest little international traveler. xo.

ALFIE said...

this is just too stinkin cute!!!

Mercie said...

baby passport pics are the best. he's such a cutie.