Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Work in Progress

I couldn't wait until the house we are renting is "done" to share photos because really, who knows when it will be done!! There is still a long list of things to be done. This is an OLD HOUSE that needs lots of work. When it's done, it will allll be worth it.

We are loving it here. Almost every time we explore the backyard we discover something new. The other day it was grapevines! Yesterday it was a citrus tree that grows TWO types of lemons!

So, like I've mentioned before, the owner was a botanist who created lots of different experimental citrus trees in the backyard. He also created different types of Wisteria that are also in the backyard! Wisteria and citrus blooms have to be my two favorite smells.

And in the living room he did all the wood work on the ceiling, shelves & cabinets. It still seems unreal that we get to live in such an amazing house, we are LOVING IT!

Construction still in process


ben wideman said...

Wow - really cool! I like what I see so far.

jacqui said...

Such a beautiful house, it has so much character. It looks amazing and I love the smell of wisteria and citrus too!

stace said...

Wow, it's so ROOMY! Love the woodwork and the ceiling beams!

Caroline said...

Absolutely amazing!! And two types of lemons ... swoon. So excited to see more photos. Keep on enjoying life. XO!!

christie said...

wow. this place looks amazing! congrats on the big move!

Sustain & Heal said...

I heard about this place from Lisa. What a find! And you'll make it perfect.

bigBANG studio said...


We want pics of the grafted citrus.

And an explanation behind the giant lobster in the second photo.

Pls advise.


Amanda Mae said...

Miss bigBANG Lilly....

The shrimp you are inquiring about belongs to our house mate. He made it in art school in a materials class ... He says "I like shrimp, i like what they do..."

I hope that answers your question. And my god you would love this place!