Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Our porch - lots and lots of potted plants.

Baby Food
I'm always trying to find new things to feed Jackson. Not sure if he is sick of his food choices, but I am! I made red lentils, with squash and carrots - it was a hit!

JW's New Swing
We found a swing at the thrift store and Jackson LOVES it. He kicks his legs back and forth and squeals with excitement.

Lots and lots of camellia flowers in our backyard. We are always discovering new things back there, citrus blends (over 12 citrus trees!), persimmon tree, grapevine, kumquats!

Play House
There is an old, I mean OLD garage on our property that is falling apart. Off the side of the garage is a tiny little room that looks like an outhouse, but it turns out it was an old play room for the lady who grew up here. It looks like it hasn't been touched in over 40 years. There are still old, OLD toys in there.

1945 Newspaper
An old newspaper in the basement of our house. There are TONS of papers from the 40s down there! Along with old Mad Magazines.


Jen said...

LOVE this post. Especially little Jackson squeeling in that swing!

Sis said...

Of course, the most beautiful thing in this entire post is Jackson loving his swing, but I have to say, I am amazed at the newspaper find. That's just awesome.

Caroline said...

I absolutely love your posts and your photos ... I feel like I write this all of the time BUT it is true. XO!

bigBANG studio said...

Oh Amanda, this place is like heaven on earth (for people like us). The hidden marvels in the old garage, the blooming camellias, the swing- the whole thing sounds absolutely magical. You are going to have such an adventure learning the place, photographing every new season, collecting that citrus- what a joy. LOVE these photos! Does the old place have a name? If not, it definitely deserves one.

sk said...

Cool! I love finding old stuff like that-- would love to see more of the treasures you come across. Sounds like you have a beautiful and wonderful yard!

betty said...

Just discovered your blog, and I have to say, I LOVE it! Had so much fun reading back in time a couple months.

We're in Pasadena too - love this town!

hannah queen | honey & jam said...

i LOVE your porch. it's exactly what my dream porch looks like!

also, that newspaper? so cool!

babyboybakery said...

that swing looks awesome! hopefully we can figure out a time to hang out soon! it looks like you guys are totally enjoying your new dream house! it has so much history and looks so cool!! talk to you soon!!

ALFIE said...


would love to know the specifics about your baby food recipes! i'm busy stocking up on homemade food for my little nephew!!!

Love_Again said...

your porch looks amazing!

Elisa said...

I love all those pots in your backyard, and how interesting to find so much history, right in your backyard!(literary!)
your boy is precious!

I like your photos, I'm considering purchasing a Nikon, is that what you use?