Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A half birthday at the mountain

We celebrated Jackson's 1/2 birthday by taking him on his first camping trip to the Salton Sea. This is a trip we've done, many, many, many times before - we love it out there. I'm a little attached to the crazy, post-apocalyptic-ness!

When we camp down there we like to make our usual rounds: we go to the mountain, we eat at Ballesteros (or Bobby D's), we take a dip in the hot springs, we visit the mud pots. What we didn't do this trip was make it out to Slab City for their music night on Saturday. Justin, Jackson, and I ended up leaving on Saturday afternoon because it was windy and cold. Poor Jackson was pretty miserable at certain points. On Friday night it was so windy, Jackson was tripping out in our wind-slanted tent with the walls whipping around making crazy noises, that he just lost it. Jackson and I ended up sleeping in the car where it was nice and quiet and he slept pretty good. Actually, he slept better there than he has at home the last couple of nights!

I'm already looking forward to the next camping trip, we have many adventures ahead.

Jackson at Salvation Mountain - Six months old
My baby boy is six freakin months old

Salvation Mountain
Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain
The S fam at the Mountain - Pearl's first time at the mountain too!

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain
Noah & Abel @ the moutain

Salvation Mountain
The kiddos in the mountain.

Salvation Mountain
The Smith Family at the mountain.

SP Salvation Mountain
Jackson slept almost the whole time he was at the mountain... sensory overload perhaps.

Red Hill Marina at the Salton Sea
From our campground at the Red Hill Marnia, Salton Sea.

Salton Sea
Salton Sea from a random dirt road.

Jackson at the Mudpots
No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo. No hot bubbling mud came in contact with my baby boy, promise.

The gang at the mudpots... the kids were having a blast! I'm looking forward to when Jackson is old enough to enjoy the mudpots!


kelly said...

Amazing photos!! What an awesome looking place!! I want to go there so bad!! My kids would love those mudpots, I am certain!

Nicole Franzen said...

interesting enough I was just at a photography exhibit and this girl presented a whole series on this place and its people. A lot of struggling people there. Very interesting place.

stace said...

What a fun weekend! Your photos are incredible and Jackson is so freakin adorable!!

Aud said...

As usual, incredible photos! We had so much fun!

Caroline said...

Six months!!! How great!!! I always love the photos that you take and the adventures that you have. XO!

ben wideman said...

Some day we need to go there with you all. Looks like fun!

Pinecone Camp said...

Oh wow! I love these images. What a fantastic place. I went to Salton Sea years ago...it was magical.
Have a nice weekend!

Ann Marie said...

i've been dying to go to Salton Sea! Some day. Love your photos.

ALFIE said...

amanda---your photos have sparked this desperate desire in me to go to Salton Sea. I've included my e-mail here--- if you have any info about the campgrounds you stay at, attractions, etc--- i would love some insights from someone who's been many times! i'd be coming from michigan-- so this would be a little haul. By the looks of it, however, it'd be totally worth it!


Dreamy Melrose said...

I love yoir photos!!Your child is so cute!And the place is really wonderful :) Valentina

Julie said...

This looks so amazing! Seriously makes me wonder why I live on the East coast....

Brittany said...

oh my goodness! where is this at! i love the photos and your baby is adorable i want to eat him up! and thanks for suggesting pinterest to me, i've never ever heard of it and now i'm addicted to looking at everybody's! i will have to start one up soon!

Mariana Borau.photo said...

wow, that is an amazing place!
you baby is lovely, you both are such a great parent taking him there!

bigBANG studio said...

Homegirl, you KNOW how much I love myself some Ski Inn beers at Bombay Beach and a little face-time with Leonard Knight. What gorgeous pictures, and thank goodness no dead bodies in the hot springs this time. Makes my little heart swell up just looking at these pics of my old stomping grounds, which you clearly love with all YOUR heart!

(and P.S. did you guys see Leonard around? He was getting pretty rickety the last time I was down there.)

Amanda Mae said...

Lilly - We DID see Leonard!! Poor, beautiful, old Leonard! .. He is doing "ok" His memory isn't all there, we would talk to him, and about a minute later he would say "welcome to the mountain, make yourself at home!" ... I heard that social security might be coming to take him away from the mountain soon... it's pretty rough living out there. I have no idea what will become of the mountain if Leonard leaves though.... things might be changing. Hopefully you can get in another visit before that happens! cheers to you and your adventures aboard! Safe travels!