Wednesday, July 7, 2010


33 weeks

A few weeks into summer and (around) 6 1/2 weeks till baby is here!
Summer has been kind to me thus far... It's been nice and cool here, we haven't had to run our new (used) AC once! Although, I will admit, I'm looking forward to a nice warm day at the beach. That day will come soon enough and I will be begging for the kinder weather...

Some things I want to do this summer:

1. Go to the beach it was cold, maybe it shouldn't count...
2. SWIM in the ocean
3. Swim as much as I can only a couple of times ...
4. Make doughnuts
5. Go on a few more hikes
6. Go see the Cobbler Lady one more time she said I'm having a BOY!
7. Go out to eat some good Indian Food Buffet at New Dehli Palace.. mmm
8. Buy a car
9. Pick tomatoes
10. Visit the Pasadena Library and find a good book
11. Make a braided head-band
12. Go on a picnic
13. Hear some music at the Levitt Pavilion We saw Dengue Fever ON my due date at the Levitt Pavilion..
14. Make bagels
15. Make a mobile for baby


christie said...

Looking gorgeous! If you ever want to meet at the Cobbler Factory, let me know. I've never been.

ALFIE said...

oh indian is one of my very favorite foods! we are so fortunate to have several great places near here.

and your beach dreams sound lovely. i have a cottage booked on one of the great lakes in a few weekends. i can't wait to dip my toes in the water.

Allison Jones said...

Man, you are so pregnant (and a gorgeous mama). Careful with the indian food, i think that's how my mom induced her labor when I was born :) I think I'm going to start swimming, too. Even though I graduated I get to keep my college gym membership for forever, and we've got an indoor pool. I love being in water more than anything, I just kind of hate swimming laps. Maybe if I had a waterproof mp3 player for podcasts. If only I could blog while swimming...

Aud said...

you are the sweetest looking pregnant girl I've ever seen! you look magical! Can I mark off your braided headband request and make you one? One less thing to do yourself???