Tuesday, July 20, 2010


All the most important women in my life came together to spoil baby and me. Last weekend my mom, mom-in-law, and cousin Kim threw me a great baby shower! My mom got cupcakes from Violet's (MMM!), and they made these cool citrus centerpieces, we played games, measured my belly, and had a great time. Thank you everyone! (36 weeks this Friday!)

Baby Shower
Baby Shower
Baby Shower
Baby Shower
Baby Shower


Shannalee said...

Now is the time to be spoiled! So glad they did this for you - it looks like so much fun, and not just because of the amazing food! Yay for 36 weeks!

Caroline said...

You are spoiled!!! :) Look at all those treats and you are gorgeous. I must say I am a sucker for a great candy apple. Congrats on your shower!!! Yay for you! xo

Patricia Snook said...

Oh wow girl, you're so lucky and wonderfully loved! Such beautiful picture perfect images.

I've had a peep through your older posts and your blog is so pretty!

You look exactly like someone I used to work with, I'll try find a photo on Facebook, it's eerie!

Enjoy the rest of the week, yy to friday tomorrow!


Lane :) said...

those apples and cupcakes are amazing! :D

ALFIE said...

what a special, lovely day with the ones you hold dear. enjoy these moments!