Saturday, May 8, 2010


I had a great birthday weekend last weekend... and I have NO photos to show for it. I cannot show you how we went to West Hollywood to get records at Amoeba (we got Smile by Brian Wilson and a Stars of the Lid album), and how we ate at the Den that evening with my cousin Kim. Then how we went to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market the next morning, then out to dinner with my mom and brother in Old Town that night (amazing sushi at Blue Fish!).

You won't see any of it! And then the day after that we had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ in our backyard, in the glorious afternoon with amazing carne asada.

I have nothing to show you.

What I will show you is this:

Tire Planter

... look what we made! Huge planters are expensive, but old used tires are FREE! I have good intentions to paint them to make them as little easier on the eyes, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Our tomatoes are very happy in their new home.

Another good use for tires: Compost Tower
It's so easy and free!


christie said...

i thought you'd appreciate this post:

rebar! my guess is that you can find rebar at the dump too.

The Leftoverist said...

Happy Mother's Day, Amanda! Haven't commented in awhile, but I love stopping by here.

Kristen said...

What a great idea for the tires!!! Love it

Rosie said...

Hey Amanda, I discovered your blog a while ago but up until now haven't commented. I'm an organic gardener who grows most of my own food, and something that I thought had become common knowledge over the last few years is that tyres are NOT SAFE! This is a quote from my most trusted gardening reference book (Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting, by Lyn Bagnall): "Car tyres can leach cadmium and other heavy metals into the soil as they weather, and must never be used for garden or compost containers because cadmium is very harmful to human and animal health. Potatoes, lettuce, silver beet, carrots, and subterranean clover can accumulate cadmium in edible parts of the plant." If you use car tyres to make compost in, you'll potentially spread that cadmium all around your garden to remain in the soil and be absorbed by veggies long into the future!

(As a side note, don't recycle old carpet in the garden either, it will almost certainly have been treated with pesticides & fungicides.)

klorathy said...

Hi - I've been researching the issues of using tyres for veg growing, and can't find any proper research to suggest that tyres leach cadmium and other metals. I suspect someone saw some research on using huge quantities of shredded tyres for roads (Groundwater Effects from Highway Tire Shred Use.Detail Only Available By: Brophy, Mary O'Reilly; Graney, Joseph. Environmental Forensics, Jun2004, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p79-84, 6p, and some other research on using lots of tyres in a marine environment, and then extrapolated this to say that using intact tyres for allotments is not a good idea. On balance (and it's just my opinion)there isn't much of a risk.