Sunday, May 9, 2010

(Soaked) Waffles

Two things are shaking up my baking world. One is coconut FLOUR (and coconut sugar - I'll share about both later) the other is Soaking Grains before baking. Read here why that's beneficial.

I've made this waffle recipe several times now with a different grain combination each time and it's been SO GOOD each time. The waffles come out light and crispy, as apposed to the dense thick whole grain waffles I'm used to. I think it's a combination of the soaking and blending that give it the nice texture. Here is my favorite combination/version so far:

Soaked Waffles

(Soaked Blender) Whole Grain Waffles

1. Place in blender; blend at highest speed for 3 minutes.

1 1/2 – 1 3/4 cups buttermilk or kefir (or non-dairy alternative: almond milk with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar)

2 Tbls olive oil (I used coconut oil)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup whole wheat pastry flour

2/3 cup oats

The batter should always swirl about a vortex in the blender. If it doesn’t, slowly add more liquid until the hole reappears. This is the secret to light and tender waffles. Batter for pancakes may be thicker, but keep batter relatively thin and keep it churning.

2. Cover blender; let stand at room temperature overnight or 12-24 hours.

3. Preheat waffle iron at highest temperature, or griddle on medium high.

4. Just before baking, add and re-blend on highest speed for 1 minute and add one egg.

5. Blend in thoroughly, but briefly (assisted with rubber spatula, if needed):
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp salt, to taste

6. Pour batter onto hot waffle iron, sprayed with oil. Bake according to waffle maker instructions.

Enjoy with good butter and maple syrup!!

Soaked Waffles

For other grain variations refer to the original recipe here. I've used buckwheat, whole wheat, oats and brown rice all with good results. I've also made soaked oatmeal for breakfast, and as I type I'm making Soaked Granola... hopefully with good results!


jacqui said...

I love this idea! I've soaked my oatmeal before, but not my waffle batter. Soaking overnight will make breakfast in the morning a cinch!

Madame Fromage said...

Yay, I love waffles, but I've never found a good whole grain recipe. These look so crispy and fluffy. Can't wait to try zem.

Cafe Observer said...

Happy belated B-Day!

These waffles look beautiful! I don't think I've ever eaten waffles worth their price at a restaurant.

sk said...

Those look great!
I make soaked oatmeal a couple of times a week and really enjoy it, but I haven't tried baking with anything soaked yet.
I just found your blog today, and it's so timely for me because I have my first batch of soaked granola in the works as well! Let us know how yours turned out!

sk said...

Just came back to add two things:
1) My soaked granola didn't work out this time. When I checked it at the 2 day soaking mark, it was covered in fine, whispy mold. Hmmm. So, I'm going to try again this week and only soak 24 hrs. It may just been too hot hear (in North FL) right now for soaking 48 hrs!

2) I just came back from an awesome vacation in CA and stayed with my dear friend in Santa Monica for a bit-- she works at Rawesome, which I think is in Venice? It's a pretty great place to shop, if you don't already know about Wednesdays and...Saturdays? Or Sundays? Anyway, enjoy! We sampled a variety of delicious raw milks (goat, sheep (best milk ever!!!), and cow) and had some yummy nut milks too. They have a great selection of other raw products too.

Caroline said...

Lover of Food, Photographer .... we would get along just fine. Just popped in to check out your blog and I fell in love with your photos, recipes, everything. xo

Celia said...

i'm just never gonna win with the whole pancakes thing, am i?

your blog is BEAUTIFUL, by the way.