Monday, March 29, 2010

Anza Borrego

We spent this last weekend in Anza Borrego, the blooming desert, with some friends, Lucky our campin' dog, food and music.

I read about the amazing wildflowers that were in bloom RIGHT NOW and suggested we get out there ASAP!

I really had never heard much about Anza Borrego till now, don't know how it escaped our radar. There it is, right there between the Salton Sea and San Diego... an under appreciated desert.

Now that we know about Anza Borrego, we will be back... though, only in the cool months. I could see how quickly this place heats up!

Sculptures in the desert

Beast & Lisa

Blooming Desert


Yaqui Village Site

Ocatilla Bloom

Yaqui Village Site

And of course, my obligatory belly shot. I am 20 weeks!
20 weeks - Anza Borrego


Shoshana said...

Oh, wow. I was camping there this weekend too, and two weeks ago, and all last spring, etc. Coyote canon so far this year. You should definitely camp in Fish Creek if you have the vehicle for it and your own fire pit and table. It is always very abandoned and nice because everyone drives right past it to be near the wind caves. Your blog is great.

nuf said...

a little bump!!!

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Wow! Great shots! Love how the camera actually accentuated the feel of the canyon and desert life!

bigBANG studio said...

Wind caves? I have to find these wind caves! Somehow Pete and I have kind of just skipped A-B too! After reading this post a few days ago I'm begging him to go this weekend. So glad your crew had a good adventure there. Good LORD your shots are marvelous. Did you use a filter or edit them? There is such a marvelous golden softness to them.

Jenna said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm envious of all that desert air.

cait said...

gosh I LOOOVE your desert trips.
missing you.

Slumber Designs said...

What gorgeous photos!! And what adorable little bump :-) So much fun!