Sunday, June 28, 2009

Learning to Love:


I've never been a fan of salads, but I want to be. Sadly, I have never thought of having a salad as a meal until recently. Sure, I ate them as a starter or a side, but really? A meal?

On our last trip to Oregon my friend Lori Jo got me hooked on eating salads because we ate from her garden everyday.... kale, lettuce, arugula, basil, oregano... dreamy. While I don't have a leafy garden we do get a CSA box with lots of goodies.

So, I am inspired now. But I need more help, anyone have any good salad recipes or ideas?!


Jr said...

Hannah and I make a yummy salad that we use both as a side and sometimes as a full meal (just eat a bigger portion). It's really easy to make too!

Just get some whole leaf baby spinach, dried cranberries, a diced apple (we like Fuji) or a diced pear, blue cheese crumbles, and some broken pecans... toss them together and top with a raspberry or balsamic vinegrette, or with blue cheese dressing. You can also add in some sliced cucumber and/or carrots for some added crunch and more flavor variety.

Altogether it's a very filling and very healthy salad since the spinach has much more nutrients than regular lettuce.

Ricky and Tracie said...

in our house we like a good bean salad. its yummy and has lots of protein. Use white/pinto beans or black beans, cooked (or canned/rinsed) and cooled, with finely chopped onion, cilantro and lime or lemon squeezed on top. I like to let it chill/soak with all the ingredients for at least a half hour before serving so all the flavors really come out.

umama said...

I am not a big salad fan... but I did have a great beet walnut and arugula salad recently in an Asian vinaigrette. But more than the salads, I love your photography. I just came across your blog and you can easily be mistaken for a pro!
What camera do you use? Your images are beautiful!

Amanda Mae said...

Thanks so much for the ideas! I hope to try all of them - I got some more suggestions on the facebook comment section. I really appreciate all the inspiration!

Thank you for the compliment umama. It's encouraging to hear! I hope to do something with my photography... we'll see! Oh, and I shoot with a Canon 5d.


Sprouted Kitchen said...

I'm excited for you. This will be a new adventure of yum veggies!