Monday, June 11, 2012

A Mini Backpacking Adventure

This trip made me so happy. Giddy happy.

We went on a mini-backpacking trip with 7 good friends a couple of weeks ago (JW stayed with Grandma). We hiked to Cooper Canyon Trail Camp in the Angeles National Forest. 

We packed in bags of Eco-Vino, pre-made burritos - only the essentials. We took our time on the trail, visited a waterfall and relaxed at the trail camp. It was heaven.

This short trip has got me itching for a longer backpacking trip. Or at least a really good long hike. The kind where you sweat, your muscles start burning, and you're eating beef jerky and trail mix the whole time; the kind where you feel like you've conquered the world afterwards- your whole body tingles in delight. It's been too long.

(all photos below are iPhone photos)

backpacking 16

backpacking 17

Backpacking 47
backpacking 15
We <3 the Angeles National Forest

Backpacking 53

backpacking 10

Backpacking 50

backpacking 11
A detour to the waterfall. Cam packed the necessities, which included a Uke.
Backpacking 45
The guys slept under the stars, while Audrey and I opted for the tent.
backpacking 20
Snow Flower
Backpacking 23

Backpacking 21
We made/packed burritos to heat up over the campfire. 

Backpacking 33

Backpacking 34

Backpacking 32
Water filtering.
Backpacking 55
Two Burritos
Backpacking 44
Everyone waiting patiently for the coffee to be ready...

Backpacking 28

backpacking 19

Backpacking 51

backpacking 13
Backpacking 39 Backpacking 40
Backpacking 52 Backpacking 41 Backpacking 43

We will be writing more about this trip on Papas Poncho soon

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Aud said...

love, love, love these pictures!!!