Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Angeles National Forest Bridge

We took a quick little drive up the Angeles Crest Hwy a while back and found this neat bridge - it's really impressive (as in, how-in-the-world do people build things like this!?).

I ran across the hwy to the lookout point to get a better view and almost got hit by a car, twice. It was one of those times where I really thought, I could have been killed! Justin, who was watching the whole scene play out, felt the same way: sacred-for-my-life. Anyway, enough morbidity. Just a warning. Run quick and look both ways. And maybe I'm a wimp, but looking down into this canyon made me a little woozy!

Angeles National Forest Bridge
Angeles National Forest Bridge
Angeles National Forest Bridge
Angeles National Forest Bridge
Angeles National Forest Bridge
The lookout.


Em (Wine and Butter) said...

oh that photo is incredible! I miss California sooo much sometimes - luckily we are heading back for a 3 month trip in a couple of weeks - I CANNOT WAIT!
What a beautiful site you have! :)

M Jacks said...

That bridge is a gorgeous work of art! (Even though I have a hard time with arch bridges like that b/c a childhood friend jumped to his death off one—sorry this isn't good blog comment material.) But now that we've both tossed some morbidity out there...haha glad you guys had fun exploring!

Amanda Mae said...

Em - it would be so hard to move away from California!
But someday I hope to be brave enough to do it, at least for a while! Have a good trip!

M - that is such a sad story! I would definitely not be able to look at a bridge the same.

Jasmine said...

a) You're not whimp. OHMYGOD.
b) Where is this specifically? I feel like we passed this on our trek up the coast, but I can't remember where.
c) These photos are so, so lovely.