Friday, October 21, 2011

God made dirt...

... so dirt don't hurt. Right?
God Made Dirt
God Made Dirt
God Made Dirt
God Made Dirt
God Made Dirt

That's our motto around here. JW loves dirt. And we don't mind letting him get filthy....

We were at the store a couple of days ago and JW was sitting in the cart with his cut-off pants, barefoot, hugging a pumpkin. The lady behind us in line was doting over him and commented how he looked like a little farmer boy... and she said, "it sure looks like he has fun..." I took that to mean he is a little messy, a little dirty, a little wild. Eh. Well, at least he has fun.


kelli said...

so cute!

Anna McClurg said...

haha. oh man, he is the cutest! :)

Jasmine said...

That dirtyface image kills me dead. Oh my gosh.

kitchu said...

that is what living is all about.

fantastic photos of doing just that too :)