Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We went to the Bahamas for my cousin Stephanie's wedding - and I got to be the photographer! I will share wedding photos soon, below are the only non-wedding photos I got. I didn't want to worry about lugging my heavy SLR to the beach, nor did I want to get it a) stolen while we were swimming or b) full of sand and sunblock - but it is pretty much full of sand anyways.

We feel so fortunate to have been able to go to the Bahamas, thank you Stephanie & Christian for inviting us! It's a lot different than other places we've traveled (Bangladesh, Guatemala, Peru, China, Chile...). The only bummer was the PRICE OF FOOD. It was outrageously expensive! Keep that in mind if you go... A gallon of milk $10, a medium size bag of chips $6.50, four little yogurt cups $6.

We kept our eating to a minimum and made sure to do lots of swimming and relaxing. It worked out nicely.

Oh, and traveling with a one year old... let's just say we made it with no real incidences, but I was on edge the whole time! I wasn't even anxious about the flight (like I usually am) I was too worried about JW climbing over the seat or hitting the head of the person in front of us. He.is.one.active.boy!

view from our hotel room
The view from our hotel room. We had a little patio with chairs and everything. By far the best hotel room we've ever stayed in!

There was a rainbow right before the ceremony started.
Justin and JW bahamas
Love my 50mm lens. My boys with the moon behind them.
JW bahamas

JW and bert bahamas
What a great moment!
Fam in Bahamas
I love this family photo. Once again, I LOVE YOU 50MM!


Aud said...

yowza! Your legs are killer in that last photo!

Brittany said...

these photos are great! looks amazing!
and how was bangladesh?! my husband and i are probably 98% sure we are going to india this next spring. the photos from your travels are beautiful!

Amanda Mae said...

Bangladesh was amazing. The capital dhaka is a bit overwhelming because it's SO crowded. We were there for EID so it was extra crazy. But outside of the city in the villages it was truly amazing and beautiful!

Tonia said...

Gorgeous photos!!