Sunday, January 16, 2011


Nap time
I've been trying to get Jackson to nap without feeding him or rocking him to sleep... Not sure how to do that. He doesn't quite have the skills to get tired and fall asleep in his crib yet. But I've been putting him in there and once he squawks I go, pick him up and rock him to sleep.

Jackson 41/2 months
This is Jackson sitting up for 2 seconds before he face plants it into the ground - he's not quite there yet. The ball is a toy that Justin's mom made for HIM when he was a baby, it's one of Jackson's favorite things.

Mini Amanda's Clothes
My mom saved a lot of my baby clothes and brought some over the other day. Now, we have to have a girl. Most of the clothes are handmade by family and super cute. I don't want to start thinking about another kid until I get some sleep, BUT these clothes are too cute... either we have another one (hopefully a girl!) or Jackson has to start wearing these.

Brutis and Lucky
It's dog central around here. We've got Lucky, and our neighbors dog Brutus, who thinks he is our dog - he is at our place all day (we share a yard with the neighbors). These two are made for each-other, such trouble makers.

Kitchen window herbs
This is my first success at growing herbs in a kitchen window, thank you chia pet -- and you're weird spongy-non-dirt-soil, it's magic.


nuf said...

beautiful pictures!
that girl outfit is SO adorable!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed you have yet to add mother to your profile. You are definetly THERE. Especially when having to deal with issues as these. That is one thing about attachment parenting that I had a hard time with,too. How do you go about being un-attached. For me, it just took two years! Jackson is still little...and your first baby. Just wait til that second one comes along. I wanted to have my second child all snuggly and attached like my first one but he decided to want his own space. So, our two year old took over the "baby's" co-sleeper..sheesh. It never goes as planned. Good Luck and Enjoy!

Ann Marie said...

your blog is lovely. will be following.

Sid. said...

Love the mobile over his bed - so sweet. I sincerely wish you all sorts of good luck with getting him to go to sleep on his own. I still wishing for this with my daughter at 16 months. I think there's just so much new and exciting to see that it's hard for them to learn to turn their brains off to go to sleep.

Aud said...

I love those first two photographs.

Amanda @ Easy Peasy Organic said...

Oh those dogs do look naughty! Love that picture! And how did you set up the pic of your little guy in his cot? It almost looks like you've taken it through bars?

You can do this. It sucks - it's one of the hardest things I remember going through ... but then when they can sleep on their own it's *all* good!!

christie said...

That ball (bucky ball!) is amazing. Kuddos to Justin's mom!