Monday, November 1, 2010


Jackson's first Halloween and I didn't dress him up.... shaaaaame! I couldn't find a cute costume to buy and I didn't have the time or energy to make one. But next year, for sure. I promise. Or maybe I will commission a friend to make it - see costumes below - impressive!

Last night made us realize how lucky we are to be in such a great community of people with so many kids! It was so fun seeing all the kids dressed up and having so much fun - and going bonkers for candy. I can't wait until Jackson is a little bit older so he can enjoy all these friends that he has! There were 3 babies there last night all around the same age - just weeks apart AND my friend Jamie had her baby this weekend!! We are so excited to welcome another little one! So much love! AND we still have more friend babies on the way!






Noah, Sam and Harper




Laken said...

Adorable costumes!
And the 5th picture.. those cheeks!! Love it.

kitchu said...

what great costumes! even better is the sense of warmth, family, the holidays of this time of year. captured beautifully.

Caroline said...

I love all of these photos!! And hip hip to living in a great community!! Jackson is adorable!! XO

Nadine said...

Hi Amanda Mae,
discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and have to say I love your style to take pictures. The kids are so cute and your little Jackson is adorable. Enjoy the time until he is so little. Time is running fast. My little boy is already 3 years old now and every day I´m impressed how fast he is growing.

Sid. said...

Wonderful pictures! I envy your child-filled community. And that kid in the chicken suit is rocking a great Blue Steel-esque look in the last pic. Future super model?

olivia rae said...

Have you seen the Sigur Ros Glosoli music video (if not, you should asap!)? I was watching it last night, thinking how beautiful all the children looked with animal masks on! This is perfect!

bigBANG studio said...

Oh my HEAVENS these shots are such SUMPTUOUSLY gorgeous. And I love Olivia Rae's connection to that Sigur Ros video- she's absolutely right!

big hugs from India,