Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Justin turned 31 on July 31st. Cheers to another year! 31 will be great, he will become a dad at 31!

For his birthday I made him Orangette's Winning Hearts and Minds cake... and it broke when I was taking it out of the pan. BUT it still tasted AMAZING (and looked rustic?)! It was so rich, soft and GOOD. I love chocolate though, there is almost no such thing as "too-chocolatey" to me. I think. Anyway, make it, you won't regret it!
Justin turns 31

Justin's idea of the perfect way to celebrate his birthday is hanging out with friends and playing music... so that's what we did. They played music in our garage (aka Justin's "man cave") and good times were had.
Justin turns 31 - and plays music


Anna said...

Congrats on the imminent baby! I'd love to know what camera you use. Your photographs are always beautiful.

ali said...

the cake looks so yummy.
happy celebrations, even though I am a couple days late. :)

Amanda Mae said...

Thanks! :)

Annna - I use a Canon 5D. In these photos I was using a 50mm lens... it's amazing!! I recommend that lens!

Anna Allen said...

oohh that chocolate cake looks gooood. also, my brother's birthday was july 31st and he turned 31 too! :)

Caroline said...

Love your photographs!!! And I agree with you ... one can never have too much chocolate :)!!! XO

ALFIE said...

the cake looks amazing. even with its rustic edge :)

sk said...

Ha! The man-cave. I love it! Sounds like a fun evening.
I absolutely LOVE that cake! I make it for every big celebration we have. I keep meaning to branch out and try other cakes, but......why?

Anonymous said...

that looks like one cool jamming session!