Thursday, June 24, 2010

Walnut Lentil Burger

Walnut Lentil Burger

Ever since I got pregnant I've been craving MEAT... and now we eat it about once a week. When we do we try to eat grass-fed, well-raised, good meat (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle was a nice inspiration for that as well). We can't have it all the time because ... it's expensive. But I think once or twice a week is good enough, so my vegetarian recipes still come in handy. These "burgers" were really good, sort of like a falafel burger.

Recipe for Walnut Lentil Burger is here. Obviously, instead of pita bread or a hamburger bun, I used an english muffin... but I bet a pita would be really good!

Walnut Lentil Burger


Rachel said...

This is me too! Um, not pregnant, but with a regular (intense) craving for meat. We buy the most ethical meat we can and limit consumption to once a week or so. I figure we're supporting ranchers who do good, so I'm happy.

My stand in is black bean burgers, but I think these need to be introduced to my kitchen.

Caroline said...

Oh my heavens this is PERFECT!!!!

Melissa E. said...

I loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle! I'm going to try that burger recipe. I wonder if my 19 month old son would eat it? Probably.

I was even inspired to start my own seeds indoors. I hope my carrots come out as well as yours did. The bunnies ate all the spinach and peas.

Allison Jones said...

I just did a little ode to lentils over at Lemonbasil, and luckily I have all the ingredients to make this!

Have you every tried buying lesser-use cuts of meat (like organs or tongue) direct from the farmer? It's so much cheaper, and you can use a lot of them in stews or ground up to be super meaty (and super ethical) for much less money.

Allison Jones said...

Also, do you think the breadcrumbs are really necessary? Did they add important texture?

hannah | honey & jam said...

i have never seen lentils look so delicious!

JMay said...

Loving on the pics on your blog :-)