Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunshine and Rain

Sunshine and rain... today it's raining, but there was sunshine last week! I'm trying to enjoy this el nino weather, soon it will be a hot hot dry summer. Southern California needs this rain, so bring it!

In garden news, our radishes are ready! Lots and lots of radishes...

Everything else is coming along, I'm especially excited about the tomatillos. I have plans to make lots and lots of this.

One of my favorite things to do with the stuff we grow and veggies we get from our CSA is to come up with random meals using what we got on hand, makes for a hodgepodge, colorful meal.

Notice the avocado in both dishes... I can't help it. Almost every meal I have to have an avocado. MMM. Doesn't seem right without one.

Cheers to spring and many sunshine days ahead!


Becca said...

Looks yummy, and so healthy!

Shokoofeh said...

aw your garden sounds fantastic!
This is one of my biggest dreams to have a small garden for growing veggies. :)

The bread in your dish looks like one of Iranian breads called Sangak.


Amanda Mae said...

Shokoofeh: Mmmm... how do you make Sangak? Might be similar! I just made up a flat bread... mixed flour, oil, water and salt.. added chopped garlic and green olives then mixed and rolled out and cooked on a grill. Simple and good!

bigBANG studio said...

Oh my oh my you eat the way I LOVE to eat; little morsels or this vegetable or that all nested on one plate- are you a big Alice Waters devotee? I suspect so.

And those jewel-like radishes! I can't believe you grew them. On a slightly related note, my childhood friend had a barn-cat named Radish, named so because the damn cat used to DIG UP their radishes and EAT THEM. Not too different from my corgi who eats raw Brussels sprouts.

Thanks for sharing these marvelous photos, and for stopping by bigBANG! xo

hannah | honey & jam said...

These photos are making me hungry!

Cafe Pasadena said...

I often leave hungry after visiting your blog!

Fyi, a local blogger get together on May 8th

bigBANG studio said...

just thought you should know...i keep coming back that picture of your beautiful RADISHES and i can't get enough of them.

i'm feeling a series of vegetable paintings coming on...

Amanda Mae said...

I would love to see your vegetable paintings!!

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely blog and what looks like a very lovely life. I stop by from time to time and thought I would say hi and thanks for sharing so many amazing recipes and yes avocado with nearly every meal, guilty.