Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kim & Blake

I love any excuse to take photos... and with Christmas I have lots of opportunities to take photos of cute little kids and families - its that time of the year, I guess.
Last week I called my cousin Kim and said, hey, want me to take photos of you and Blake... right now? Luckily she was up for it, so we rushed over to the park to snap a few photos before the sunset - the golden hour, right in between rain storms.

Kim and Blake
Kim and Blake

So I've been thinking more about my photography, and I'm wanting to get out there more. Make myself more available for sessions and shoots... people, stills, travel, food, whatever... I've had so many cool opportunities over the last few months, but I'm eager for more - bring em on!


Shannalee said...

Beautiful! I fully support your doing more sessions and stuff. You are such a gift photographer, I mean it.

nuf said...

seifert family photos? or just the boys before the third comes along? let me know!!!


Amanda Mae said...

Thank you Shannalee! :)

And Nuf... YES! That would be great... in January? Let's!!