Monday, December 28, 2009

Alabama Hills

We had a great Christmas with our family... It was busy (typical, right?), but great.

The day after Christmas we felt needed a little adventure. Things have been a little hectic, a little stressful - nothing like a little trip to the Eastern Sierra to get you feeling good again. But, I will admit, it was too short- the medicine was just starting work and it was over.

I could only handle one night. The high during the day was in the 40s, and the low at night was low 20s. COLD. I am not used to cold weather, so I was hurting. Not to mention, we had wet wood and we couldn't get the fire to start for two hours, two long hours.

We are definitely going back to the Alabama Hills, there is much more to explore.

We went down the road called "Movie Road" - which has been the set for many a Western movie. The place is amazing, the rock formations are so cool, and the back drop of the Sierra was beautiful - especially with all the snow.

We drove down many dirt roads, we hiked to an arch, we ate in Lone Pine, we stopped by Fossil Falls, we stopped by the Indian Wells brewery- it was a good, fun-packed two-day trip.

I have a feeling we are going to need one more before I go back to work on the 4th.... we'll see what we can squeeze in.

Alabama Hills
Tuttle Campground
Alabama Hills
Alabama Hills
Fossil Falls

Did you have a good holiday?


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

one of my most favortie places. I could spend hours and hours exploring here. plus, you can't beat that back drop!
happy new year~

The Leftoverist said...

Hi Amanda! I found your blog on some blogroll or other several months ago, and have been following along. I thought I'd introduce myself.

Your photos really inspire me--both to be a better photographer with my point and shoot :) and to view my world differently. Thank you.

Happy New Year!--Sarah.

Sheila said...

Incredible pictures!

Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

heya! Found you through the lovely Honey and Jam! and I must say this is a sweet space to visit...

See you in the Wind!

hannah | honey & jam said...

These pictures are so beautiful!

That area is so beautiful - so unlike where I live. I hope I get to see it someday.

Nathan said...

Looks amazing...I'm enjoying your blog

bigBANG studio said...

how have i never HEARD of these 'bama hills? how have i never BEEN there?

on my list of adventures with the huz. love, love these shots. what camera + lens combo are you using?

Amanda Mae said...

You would LOVE the Alabama Hills! We just discovered this gem last year. It's desert-y with the backdrop of the glorious Sierras. Actually, it reminds me of Joshua tree in a lot of ways, rock formations mainly. Definitely add it to your adventure list.

We don't live in the desert but we find ourselves out there a LOT... (yucca, j-tree, anza borrego, alabama hills, salton sea, and so on) keeps calling us back!