Monday, October 19, 2009


I don't want to live my life for the weekends, but man, they are so amazing. Those in between days are cool and all but...

Weekends are for (but not limited to) friends, family, food, hiking, movies...

Last weekend we hiked to Henninger Flats. It was a good, long, steep hike. I think our bodies needed it.
Hike to Hinninger Hike to Hinninger Henninger Flats Henninger House

This weekend, we spent time with family and good friends, rode our bikes to the movies (TWICE! It's the $2 theater, we can't help ourselves), ate good food, and just relaxed.

I don't get much time to cook during the week, so I try to do more cooking on the weekends. And right now, I'm going through this phase, and I'm sort of stuck. See, I am trying to stay away from gluten, and I've been doing really good for the most part, but it's really worked over my meals. I've had to rethink all my usuals. But it's going really well, I kind of like the challenge and change. I think I've figured out that I am not allergic to it, but I have found that I feel a lot better when I don't eat a ton of it. So, for that matter, I am experimenting!

... And in other news, this coming weekend we are going to: NEW FREAKIN YORK!

Weekend Brunch

Breakfast Hash
2 potatoes, chopped up in small pieces
2 squash, chopped up in small pieces
1 onion, finely chopped
4 decent sized okras, sliced
2 eggs

1) Saute the onions in a little oil for a few mins then add the potatoes and okra. Add a splash of water and cover till the potatoes are soft 5-10 mins. Add the squash and cook for a couple more minutes. Salt & pepper to taste, and set aside.
2) Cook an egg as you like, fried, sunny side up, poached and serve over the hash.


Shannalee said...

Oh, Amanda. I so know what you mean about weekends. They are WONDERFUL and I can find so many things to fill them with. Yours looks like it was just perfect.

have fun in NEW YORK! Cannot wait to see your photos when you return!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Make your weekdays like the weekend.
What part of NY are gonna visit? Just 4 the weekend?

aiduke said...

I love you weekends! And you photos!

tifanie said...

my mom loves okra. she would love that hash. i'll have to pass on the recipe. your weekends sound kind of like ours, except for the 2$ theatre part, which i love. and biking there which i love even more. that hike looks great. beautiful photos. so glad you are escaping this flu which completely wiped me out last week. take care. *

hannah | honey & jam said...

Weekends are the best! I'm spending mine on a little trip farther into the mountains, i can't wait. i can't wait to see your new york photos!

The Leftoverist said...

I'm going to New York in two weeks! For the first time. I'll check here before I leave to see what I shouldn't miss...

the Provident Woman said...

That breakfast hash looks wonderful! I think I'll have to try that.