Tuesday, September 1, 2009

North Lake

Justin and I are on a marathon of weekend-camping. It just so happens that Justin has had Friday-Sunday off for the last three weeks, which is pretty rare, so we've been taking full advantage. ... and it has become an addiction.

This last weekend we went to North Lake in Bishop. It's a little campground about 9,600 feet up in the Eastern Sierra; just far enough away so we could get some fresh air amidst all these fires. It's bad here.

Justin went to this same campground with some guys for our friend Matt's bachelor party back in June. When I heard they were going up there I got so jealous I immediately booked a ticket with Jen up to Berkeley to visit Cait. Take that!

But now I get the best of both because I got my girl trip AND I got to go to this great campground!

our campsite:
Mr. & Mrs
Justin in the Grove (or Groove)
Hike to Lamark Lake

I found out on this trip that I'm severely allergic to mosquito bites. I didn't even know that was possible? It seems like every time I get bit a lot, the reactions get worse and worse. When we hiked the Baldy Ski Hut I got bit on the forehead and it swelled up pretty nice. This last weekend it happened again, but the swelling spread through out my face. I looked horrible. I can't even post the photo here. Too embarrassing, but too funny not to share. We jokingly called me the "Hunch Forehead of North Lake."

More photos from our trip here.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Great refreshing views!
Just too bad our local mountains are being swept by fires down here.

jacqui | happyjackeats said...

i am the exact same way with mosquito bites. they attack my legs and the bites swell up to the size of tennis balls. no joke. they throb for days. sometimes it's hard to walk. i hate mosquitoes!!!!!

but on a happier note, your photos are gorgeous and looks like you had a fun time!

Ele said...

Your photos are gorgeous, and they're making me severely homesick for North America! :)

I hate mosquito bites! We don't have too many of them here in the UK, but I remember them as my old summer nemesis...

{kiss my spatula} said...

i'm in love with that last photo!

hannah | honey & jam said...

oh, i love your photos so much. that looks like such a beautiful place.