Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eaton Canyon

Last year we were in Eaton Canyon at least once a week. Now that we moved two miles south we've been there less frequently. TWO MILES really makes a difference!? Even still, it's nice to have a place to get out, to hike that is close. It's dry right now, but the waterfall still has a trickle. I can't wait till the creek is flowing again. I've heard rumors of a moderate "el nino" in the works, anyone else hear this rumor?

I still have memories of being in Junior High during an "el nino." It rained for weeks straight and I remember being in 7th grade science class during a thunder storm. We opened up the door and watched in awe. After school things got really interesting (for Southern California weather, that is), it snowed! It snowed in San-freakin-Dimas. Well, I guess it was a large amount of hail that stuck for a while, but it looked like snow. We ran outside had snow ball fights. It is a good memory. The San Dimas post office used to have posted photos from that day, "the day it snowed in San Dimas."

Ok, while reminiscing I realized I probably had a photo of that snow day somewhere. And sure enough:

Yes, that's me in the old bomber jacket, and tight black jeans that are tucked into my construction boots. 1993.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful trek! how do you get your photos to look so ethereal?



tifanie said...

wow. what truly gorgeous photos. i've heard rumors of an "el nino" too. i hope our house holds together if it does hit. those photos of the snow are wild. have a wonderful day, tifanie *

Anonymous said...

such a nice pic's . but i like the most is of the waterfall. How beautifull is it...


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Cafe Pasadena said...

Wunderful pics as per the norm!
The 1st thing I think when I think Eaton Canyon is eating.