Monday, July 27, 2009


I have a lot of photos from the recent happenings that I haven't posted yet. Shaaaaame! I had a minor set back with my computer a couple of weeks ago. I got a call from Audrey while I was at work, she said, "I have terrible news..."

My computer fell off the desk.

How does that happen, you ask? It does when I made a stupid decision to put it on this shelf thing on our desk. I guess what happened was, a painting fell above our computer, knocking it off its little shelf, on to the desk, knocking over a beer and then proceeding to fall screen-first to the ground, in a puddle of beer. Horrible. Terrible. No good. But that's all over and done with. The computer is fixed! Hallelujah! Only problem now is that my keyboard doesn't work... I had to borrow this one, when-will-it-end!

Anyway, besides computer drama there has been lots of good things going on this summer... Plenty of time spent outside, on the grass; few trips up north; family gatherings and those sorts of lovely things:

I love the days where we just sit outside on grass.


ben wideman said...

Some pretty sweet photos there Amanda!

Sprouted Kitchen said...

so lovely... hope you have many more grass days to come!

amanda: Mocking Bird said...

Lovely photographs.
Laying in the grass sounds just about right.