Friday, May 1, 2009

27 to 28

Yesterday I spent the day with Justin roaming around LA on an adventure. We went to Pinks, waited 45 mins for a vegan dog with guacamole on it (not that great), we also went to Amoeba and I picked out an album (Beirut!), we went to Santa Monica to have cheese and wine on the beach, and we came home and had THE BEST buffalo burgers. The festivities extend till tomorrow when we are having a little Sunday afternoon taco dinner with some friends - my birthday celebration of choice.

27 was a good year spent with friends and family - my favorites times. Here are some stand out moments (good and sad). I:
  • ...celebrated my birthday (last year) at the Largo (watkins family hour) with dear friends, jake & heidi
  • ...went camping with dear friends cam & al
  • ...went to Oregon in July to see our dear friends brian & lori jo - Stewart Springs, Red Woods, Eagle Point
  • ...went on an adventure trip to the clouded rain forest in Guatemala - still processing that trip
  • ...trained for a 1/2 marathon that ended up being canceled
  • ...went on some amazing hikes (eaton canyon, pinnacles, ice house canyon, dawn mine, white city...)
  • ...sat outside at the Buckhorn Lodge with friends watching and listening to a thunder storm
  • ...saw my friends play lots of music: Jamie, Jubilee Singers, Jeff Jacquay, Bodies of Water (you all are so amazing)
  • ...had a great time at a Korean day spa & maritime bar with jen, audrey & meredith
  • ...had a rendezvous with brian & lori jo in San Fran, with some time spent with lovely cait
  • ...had a rough fall season with health problems and stress
  • ...moved in with some amazing friends into a cool house with a crazy landlord
  • ...made tamales with my mom, grandma, aunts, and cousins
  • ...bought my incredible camera
  • ...went camping @ Joshua Tree, Salton Sea & Slab City - spent lots of time with Leonard at Salvation Mountain
  • ...spent our anniversary camping at beautiful San Simeon
  • ...ran the Pasadena 5k
  • ...saw Jen & Charles get married, and was lucky enough to take photos of them
  • ...saw a neighbor get stabbed
  • ...went to see my aunt Laura who is in the hospital with brain cancer (heart-breaking)
  • a hair cut (12" off!)

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