Monday, March 16, 2009

Two Years

Justin & I celebrated our two year anniversary with a camping trip at San Simeon State Park - beautiful rolling green grassy hills, patches of foresty pines, creeks, the ocean: the Central California coast is some what of a promise land.

It seems every where we go we meet people. Most of the time this happens because Justin is so friendly, and he loves to talk to people. This time, these people found us. Here were two experiences:

**We stopped by a coffee shop in Morro Bay, while putting cream in my coffee a man in the corner asked, "Is that your natural hair color?" (I get asked this question frequently.)

"Why, yes it is..."

He said, "That is so great. You see people with red, brown and blond hair, but you don't see anyone with purple, green or blue hair. Your hair is just electric." I wasn't sure what that meant, my hair is purple? I am never sure how to respond to these comments, I believe he was trying to compliment me. So...

"Thank you?"

This opened the way for a good conversation about nature and being outside... He encouraged us to keep "getting away" from the city. Be out in nature, be away from the craziness, "become man again."**


**While we were unloading our car at our campsite the neighbor came out of his motor home, with hand waving in the air, and said, "Hey welcome to the neighborhood! Would you like a cold beer?"

"YES, PLEASE!" we responded.

We chatted for a bit, found out he and his family were from Modesto. We told him we were celebrating our anniversary and he told us they have been married for 20 years. He said, "Keep at it. It's good to have a friend in this world."

Later that evening when Justin and I were sitting around fire, on a very chilly evening, our neighbor came over again to share a trick with us: He shoveled out some coals from our fire and put them under our chairs. Instantly our back, butt, and legs were warm! It was so amazing!

The next morning while Justin and I were sitting at our table eating our trail mix for dinner, the neighbor came over again and offered us breakfast, eggs, potatoes, tortillas. Ours mouths started to drool, but for some reason we graciously declined. Which we regretted almost instantly. We were so touched by his kindness, you don't many people like him. He gave us hope that this world still has kind people in it, and he inspired us to be kind as well.**


pasadenapio said...

I used to spend some time with family at the campground there, right across from the beach. So lovely. Congratulations!

Anna Allen said...

sounds lovely! i love meeting interesting people.

Anonymous said...

great stories. and your hair, is a color all it's own. hoping i get to be there next year when you let it down. i am it's biggest fan!

Callie Grayson said...

purple hair, hehe maybe he was colour blind.

i get asked that question all the time too. my hair is auburn, i guess I should say is naturally auburn, but now I have to dye my hair with all the grey coming in!