Monday, March 2, 2009

Salton Sea

What a I saw this weekend:
Two incredible sunsets on the sea (more photos here)
The North Shore Yacht Club
A baby owl (we watched it for 20 mins)
Salvation Mountain

What I smelled this weekend:
Sulfur stench rising from the sea
Roasted garlic
Brownies cooking

What I heard this weekend:
Leonard Knight sang us a song, Flower Tree and You
The impromptu music of my friends
Bird sounds of the Sea
Lots of baby laughs/sounds (I love that we have kids in our group, makes it feel like a family)

It was a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness A, so beautiful so many good things!

pasadenapio said...

I lived and worked in Palm Springs for several years before coming to Pasadena.

My kids went to camp in Julian (in the mountains above San Diego) for a couple of weeks every summer. We would drive east from Palm Springs, turn right at the Salton Sea, drive through Borrego Springs and up the Banner Grade to Julian via the back way. What a wonderful drive.

At the time (1980s), the Salton Sea was was sludge and a horrible environmental disaster. When Sonny Bono was elected to Congress, he made that one of his top priorities, which his widow Mary Bono has continued. Although there are still many issues to be dealt with, the Salton Sea today is a paradise compared to 20 years ago!

Amanda Mae said...

Cait: Did you listen to the Flower Tree and You song, its so sweet.

PasadenaJon: The Salton Sea is still pretty yucky to this day (but better than the 80s!). The shore is lined with fish bones, it smells horrible, its a weird mucky brown color. I hope that the Bono work continues, they really need it there!